Snow joke.

This week, as EVERYONE will know, it snowed.
(< Even our letterbox had got it’s festive hat on.)
While many will have embraced their inner child and make angels, balls and men from the stuff it had the opposite effect on me.

I have long been told I am old for my years but this week even my childlike delight in wearing wellies to the office did nothing to outweigh what has kindly been dubbed by friends as my “inner OAP.”

I blame most of this on fear. Driving, walking and even standing still is made an extreme sport in this weather, especially when you live down a country lane barely visited by the postman let alone gritter. Then there is my guilt. I’m a goodie-two-shoes-geek of the highest degree so not making it into the office caused me physical pain! Luckily I do have access to emails from home and with writing for a living as long as I have notes, a highlighter and a cuppa I can do it pretty much anywhere.

All in all it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t fall over. I got to see the beach covered in snow and spent more time with my family as we all nestled in for two days in our make-shift home office. Apparently there is more on it’s way, hopefully this time I will get to see the funny side…


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