Wonderful weekend and car-boot treasures.

Weekends are magical things. It’s nearly been 6 months since I left the comfortable cocoon of studentlife, lined with pyjama days and cheap pizza, and spread my wings in the working world. (Not that doing a degree is easy mind, of course I had deadlines and days upon days spent in the library..)
But I digress. Weekends. Oh wonderful weekends. Lets just say the one just gone made me understand why they are sacred.
First off I went to a car boot. Granted this might not be the first thing on many 20-something’s to-do list but getting wrapped up warm and rooting in other peoples unwanted treasures, for me, is bliss.

And treasures there were a plenty! From amusing boxes…

Knobs.. or if you look closer.. KnobesSorry, I still have my student sense of humour it would seem : )

And these two, arguably more sophisticated discoveries, which are now settled in nicely with my growing collection of all things crafty..








50p each? It would have been a crime not to.

Whereas why Sunday was special can been summed up in these fantastic photographs of Bosham (West Sussex, England), completely untouched by the photoshop and just well..



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